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Ship collision, allision, and grounding;

Salvage at sea;

Oil pollution and environment damages;

Salvage and wreck removal;

Personal injuries and deaths;

General and particular average;


Port operation;

Maritime administrative action;


International carriage of goods by sea;

Multimodal transport, bills of lading, sea waybill;

Domestic waterborne Carriage;

Demise charters, time charters and voyage charters;

Arresting of ships, lien on cargo, maritime security;

Fraud of shipping;

Ship registration, building, charter, mortgage, sale and purchase;

Ship repair, reconstruction and disassembly;

Salvage and towage contracts;

Ocean engineering contracts;

Marine cargo insurance;

Hull insurance;

Property insurance;

Carrier’s liability insurance;

Insurance recovery;


Provide legal advice, defense, appeal and private prosecution for defendants;

Accept authorization, meet with suspects, apply for the bail pending trail with restricted liberty of moving, serve as defendant;

 International trade:

International sale of goods;

International trade, trade in service;

Letter of credit, guarantee, international payment and settlement;

Laws and policy of exchange control;

Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral award and judgment;

Professional legal consultation for foreign-related economic activities;

Draft and review foreign-related contracts;

Negotiate with oversea companies, investment assessment, deal with disputes of foreign-related contracts;

 Economic, civil, administrative affairs:

Review, draft, and amend contracts, regulations and other legal documents;

Contract negotiation;

Disputes of credit and debit;


Draft, amend labor contracts and human resource regulations

Labor arbitration and litigation

Disputes of personal injuries compensation

Hearing of administrative punishments, administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation



Set-up, merger, reorganization, liquidation and bankruptcy of company;

Reformation, reorganization, division, merger, liquidation and bankruptcy of state-owned enterprises;

Share of transfer of oversea companies;

Trust, loan, project financing, guarantee;